Gone are the stress and aggressiveness of team-building, which was based on competition. Instead, we focus on building connections and belonging, creating safe environments to share and experiment. We tailor the activities to be inclusive of all personalities. We work with your team before creating the activity to ensure that everyone’s needs are taken into account.


Nature is one of the only places in our modern world in which we engage all five senses. We are fully and physically alive in nature. Spending time in natural environments engages the mind without fatigue and, at the same time, exercises it. The mind becomes more calm yet also invigorated. This curious effect leads to refreshing rest and regeneration for our entire being.

Spending time in natural landscapes results in uplifted moods, and psychological wellbeing, meaningfulness, and vitality. Nature opens all sorts of possibilities, fostering community and kindness, opening spaces to listen, and spaces to be heard. Learning and engagement is enhanced when there is no pressure and obligations, no screens and other distractions so inherent in our daily lives.

In the end, we spend time in nature not because the science says it does something to us but because of how it makes us feel.


We believe this is a moment to nourish teams, for companies to take care of their people. We are going through an incredibly complex work situation, which can be difficult to navigate. Teams are feeling scattered and disconnected. Managers sometimes aren’t aware of the challenges specific team members are facing. Communication can be misconstrued amid mounting tension and stress due to the uncertainty that continues to prevail.

This is not the dreaded team-building of yesterday that was filled with competitiveness, making people groan. This is team-nourishing, a chance to connect in person while in nature, learning through experimentation and play while focusing on values and emotions.

We define nourishment as connecting with others through meaningful experiences and filling up on the possibilities that life and our planet offers to us. Nourishment is the profound support we need to be healthy, to develop, grow, and flourish.

What we do

Here are just a few of our Team-Nourishing activities:

  • Foraging in nature, working with your hands and senses to create alfresco dining experiences.
  • Forest bathing to connect with nature and destress.
  • Experiment Labs in nature to learn and connect.
  • Social actions such as cleaning beaches, planting trees or cleaning water ecosystems.
  • A combination of experiences, tailored over several days, depending on your needs.

Each Team-Nourishing is created from scratch and will largely depend on the focus you need. The focus can be:

  • Team well-being and engagement – building a sense of belonging and community.
  • Working on problems that need attention and care.
  • Generating positive ecological impact through social actions.
  • Planetary perspective and sustainability.
  • Weathering transitions to achieve transformation and change.

There are concrete benefits of spending time in nature, which are enhanced through guided activities and learning experiences. These benefits have been carefully studied and have been scientifically proven.

  • Expands attention.
  • Lowers stress – reduces cortisol in the body.
  • Improves self-control.
  • Increases motivation and produces more commitment to growth, learning, and awareness.
  • Promotes physical activity.
  • Enhances learning experience and social relations
  • Boosts creativity and playfulness.
  • Increases well-being and life satisfaction.

Our biophilia manifest:

A passionate love of life
and all that is alive.
A commitment to
nourishing kindness
and caring towards
plants and animals,
people and ideas.