Planetary Actions

Planetary Actions

If we’re asking humanity to transform their relationship to nature and the planet, then this change needs to start with us, within atuvera. We are deeply committed to people, nature, and our planet. Through bold actions, we aim to provoke change and impact in the following areas:

Team well-being

The key to a successful event? No, it’s not a large budget or amazing speakers, nor any of the usual suspects. The key is the well-being of every single person working behind the scene. A happy team equals a successful event. Because in the end, experiences are about people, something that seems to have been forgotten over the past years.

  • Living wages for everyone involved in the event, above the “so-called” industry standard.
  • Proper meals with enough time to sit and rest.
  • Reasonable work shifts with a mandatory 12-hour break between shifts.
  • Proper training for safety.
  • Equipment to stay safe on the job.
  • Confident leadership that is able to inspire the team, offer clear instruction and help as much as
  • Respect and acknowledgement for the incredible work that the team carries out.

Do not forget that your event would be nothing without the team of people working behind the scene. Treat them accordingly and take care of their well-being.

Responsible waste management

We can no longer ignore the amount of waste that is generated during events nor how much the industry adds to global contamination and pollution. atuvera now works mainly with sustainable suppliers. All waste is correctly collected and recycled. Material that is not sustainable is carefully considered beforehand to see if it can enjoy a second life through donation. If this is not possible, then an alternative will be selected.

Large amounts of material, such as wood or canvas, will be donated to associations or ONGs. These are collected by the associations during the teardown of an event. All leftover food is also donated to associations with pick-ups arranged at the venue.

The event will be documented in order to trace all material, finalising with a report to carefully track all elements in order to reduce waste and contamination.

Support of local business

We strongly believe in supporting and working with freelance and artisan suppliers as well as small businesses. Our suppliers are an extended family and we take care of each other. These are people that are passionate about the work they do and are also working towards systemic change. The well-being and continuity of these people and their business is crucial to ensure a rich and diverse local culture.

Support for ONGs and social projects

We donate 5% of every project budget to a carefully considered charity according to the theme of each event and request that our clients match the donation. We also work closely with ONGs and social projects to create workshops on different subjects and issues as well as social activities for companies. Through our Less is More services, we donate event material to associations to reduce waste and ensure that the material can enjoy a second life.

Our biophilia manifest:

A passionate love of life
and all that is alive.
A commitment to
nourishing kindness
and caring towards
plants and animals,
people and ideas.