Less is more

Less is more

To complement the work we carry out, we have created the Less is More consulting service. We work with event agencies, companies, and entities to offer solutions in managing and reducing waste at events, substitutes for event swag, and alternatives for events, to work towards a better future for our planet. We can also organise and produce your event in a more sustainable manner. 

We believe it is our collective responsibility to help our planet by reducing the amount of waste we produce during events. We also believe that not all events are necessary and that alternative and beneficial options can be considered.

We have an incredible opportunity in this current moment in history to really make a difference and be active participants in shifting society toward a new, resilient model in which living in balance with nature is the key factor behind our decision-making in business.

Business as usual is engineered for short-term thinking. Transformative and sustainable action requires courage and a profound awareness to acknowledge the necessary mindset shift towards long-term strategy and investment. We need to unlearn the old narrative, questioning everything we do in business. Forward-thinking companies that are willing to adapt, recognise the need to decouple growth in revenue from environmental impacts in order to survive in a resource- constrained world. Bold action today will lead to a future with advantages that far outweigh the benefits of business as usual in the present.

No more business as usual
Business for bold change

With an approximate 70% of event swag landing directly in the trash, it’s clear that we need to address this issue and make some serious changes. Branded products that are useless or just plain ugly need to become obsolete, an uncomfortable memory. With an estimated 2kg of waste per attendee per day at events, we can no longer ignore the fact that we need to clean up our act and search for solutions.

We also need to face the harsh fact that not all events are necessary and search for alternatives that are aligned with making the world a better place.

Setting a precedent

Through our “Less is More” services, we collaborate with different entities to provide bold solutions to reduce waste at events. We work with clients and event agencies to actively create positive change. Yes, doing things differently can be scary but it is most certainly worth the effort. Setting a precedent means that others that are more doubtful can follow, once they have seen the benefits. The change starts with us, within atuvera. If we’re asking humanity to transform their relationship to nature and the planet, then we need to set a precedent. We are deeply committed to people, nature, and our planet.

Check out our section on Planetary Action to see the areas we are currently working on to ensure positive impact. We will continue to expand our actions over the coming years.


Alternatives to event swag.

  • Donation made in the name of each attendee, destined to a local ONG, association or social project related to the event subject or business industry. This strategy can be further enhanced by offering donation match options to the attendees so they can also contribute. Clear information regarding the destination and use of the donation in order to raise awareness. This aspect can be taken a step further and included into the event programme in a coherent manner to enrich the content of the event.
  • One tree planted per attendee through a specially dedicated association. In this case, the attendees may also wish to further contribute through donations and the strategy can be incorporated into the event programme in a meaningful manner.
  • In the case that event swag is absolutely necessary, reduce to 1 object that is 100% ecological and sustainable. The item in question will be carefully brainstormed to suit the event theme and the attendees, and thoughtfully designed to be taken home and cherished.

Bold alternatives to traditional events.

How many times have you sat through mind-numbing events, wondering what you were doing and what was the purpose and goal of the event? How many times do we attend cookie-cutter events that blend into each other and are basically a waste of time, resources, money, and energy? How many times have you hosted these events and wondered why the company even bothered, that human resources need more training or marketing could use better office equipment?

We believe that events are necessary to connect with others and can be meaningful with a clear purpose and goal. But we also believe that there are way too many events that shouldn’t exist and are basically a waste on so many levels. Yes, it can be a hard pill to swallow but we love questioning the status quo. We believe that so many things can be done differently, including events. There are incredible alternatives to hosting events that can create impact in the the lives of employees and the communities around business.

  • Collaborating with a local ONG or association on a specific activity or project. This can even include catering for everyone to create an experience day of social impact.
  • Organising a local beach clean and creating a full day of experiences with food and drink, informative sessions, outreach for more action to apply in daily life, workshops, and talks from experts. This idea can also be applied to planting trees and creating an entire experience throughout the day, including forest bathing, screening of documentaries, dialogue sessions, and workshops.
  • Visiting a sustainable farm or animal recuperation centre and helping out for the day.
  • Talking to employees and attendees to discover what they really need in their professional and personal lives and building an experience according to those needs to fulfil a meaningful purpose within the company, sector, or industry.
  • Investing in training and equipment, learning and programmes that help employees or attendees to reach their goals throughout the year.

Benefits of swag and event alternatives

  • Drastically reduce waste.
  • Be a force for positive action.
  • Create a precedent and become a leader for meaningful impact and bold change.
  • Set a positive trickle effect in motion that flows through the entire company, motivating and inspiring employees and attendees.

It’s time to do things differently.
Let’s rebel against “events as usual”.

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