Experience Labs

Experience Labs

Through experiential unlearning workshops, we create the necessary environments to provoke change, through dialogue, reflection, discovery, experimentation, and connection to one another.
We aim to build bridges of trust, where people can share with a sense of safety, knowing that they are seen, heard, acknowledged, and valued.
Although we carefully design and thoughtfully guide each workshop, the participants are the true protagonists. They are transformed into co-creators and co-authors of meaning and outcomes.


We are living a great moment in history, filled with opportunities to fundamentally and boldly unlearn our human-centric worldview, focusing instead on values, culture, and ecosystems. Uncovering the unexpected and positive advantages within this economic uncertainty is a question of attitude and courage.

No matter how much information we have at our disposal, no matter how much ecological tragedy we see in the news, no matter how many warnings we receive from scientists and experts, we are not taking the necessary action. Simply put, information does not change our minds nor does it galvanise action. We can’t change minds, instead, we need to focus on changing feelings. Feelings are at the root of thought. Business and brands need to connect with the things we really care about, the things that are embedded within our communities and our daily lives.

What we do

We design workshop experience labs in the form of experiment labs. We connect the dots through different disciplines and unconventional approaches. Participants in the experiment labs become co-authors of meaning, which facilitates true connection and change. Our experiment labs are an opportunity to deeply question the status quo and outdated narratives, clearing a path towards unlearning and awareness while working towards specific outcomes:

  • Encouraging profound dialogue and connection.
  • Creating processes for strategies and policies.
  • Germinating ideas and solutions.
  • Cultivating roadmaps and proactive action.

Each experience lab is created from scratch and will largely depend on the focus you need. These can be:

  • An umbrella theme with various subsets.
  • A specific subject.
  • Conflict or issues within a company or society.
  • A problem to be solved.
  • Social impact.
  • Planetary perspective and sustainability.
  • Transformation and change / weathering transitions.

Keep in mind that benefits will vary according to the focus of the experience lab.

  • Challenge perceptions and beliefs.
  • Activate awareness and new ways of thinking.
  • Explore and discover without regular work-related constraints.
  • Experiment with curiosity and joy within a safe space.
  • Foster a sense of belonging through engagement and connection.

Our biophilia manifest:

A passionate love of life
and all that is alive.
A commitment to
nourishing kindness
and caring towards
plants and animals,
people and ideas.