Ecosystem Programme

Ecosystem Programme

In the case where a more in-depth approach is needed, we offer a 12-month programme of unlearning solutions, workshops, and activities: the Ecosystem Programme. We believe that a more consistent support system for learning achieves more awareness and more meaningful results over longer periods of time. Our annual programmes are journeys to germinate awareness, foster belonging and connection, and cultivate solutions.


The pandemic has forced us to examine our lives and rethink the place that work should occupy. Enormous pressure is placed on hybrid and remote workers to prove their engagement and productivity. A crisis of connection is brewing due to tired definitions of success and exploitative growth. Employees are burnt-out and doubtful, feeling disconnected from one another, from their workplace, and from a greater purpose within companies.

The perfect storm of mistrust, oppressive expectations, and disregard towards the needs and well-being of employees is leading to adverse conditions for a balanced life. Talent will go elsewhere, people will leave. We need to be doing everything possible to keep our people around and show that they are necessary and appreciated.

Relational connection is necessary for our bodies, our minds, and our ability to make progress, collectively and individually. Our physical outcomes improve when we feel connected to others. Connection also motivates our thinking process, heightens creativity, and fosters collaboration and innovation.

What we do

A one-off event or workshop can be great in a specific context but what happens when you need to achieve deeper awareness and new ways of doing? Solve problems and address issues or manage transitions? Our ecosystem programme is designed to offer consistent support over 12 months.

The programmes can be created based on monthly or bi-monthly sessions and activities, with the goal to connect employees in person to engage together through different disciplines and unconventional approaches.

Many of the activities will be centred in or around nature and all logistical aspects will be covered to ensure safety and well-being.


Each ecosystem programme is created from scratch and will largely depend on the focus you need. These can be:

  • An umbrella theme with various subsets.
  • A specific subject.
  • Conflict or issues within a company or society.
  • A problem to be solved.
  • Social impact.
  • Planetary perspective and sustainability.
  • Transformation and change / weathering transitions.

Keep in mind that benefits will vary according to the focus of the ecosystem programme:

  • Support and guidance throughout the duration of the programme – 12 months.
  • Activate awareness and new ways of thinking.
  • Cultivate anticipation and excitement.
  • Increase awareness of teamwork.
  • Foster a sense of belonging through engagement and connection.
  • Reduce employee turnover.

Our biophilia manifest:

A passionate love of life
and all that is alive.
A commitment to
nourishing kindness
and caring towards
plants and animals,
people and ideas.