About us

The past

The pandemic changed my life.

Once the initial dust had settled, I knew that it would be a life-changing experience, with a beginning but no clear end in sight. I had to set aside everything I knew and loved about in- person events, learning from scratch how to create and produce virtual events at atuvera. And even though I resisted at first, it turned out to be deeply enriching and wildly rewarding. The crucial aspect was being granted the possibility and responsibility of ideating the content and shaping the outcome of each online event, working with creativity and purpose.

Question everything

As restrictions were eased, we began creating very small in-person events and workshops for our clients. I thought I loved the buzz of big events, the hectic pace and insane hours. It was one of the things I mourned the most at the beginning of lockdown. Turns out I had never questioned what I “loved”. The pandemic offered a rare opportunity to step away from the hamster wheel of event stress. Which inevitably led to a lot of introspection. And I know I’m not the only one. Turns out that “events as usual” is incredibly distressful, leading to a very toxic lifestyle. Without even mentioning the amount of waste that is generated and issues such as living wages for gig workers.

The small events and workshops offered the chance to dive very deeply into the content, focusing on purpose through teamwork and collaboration. Each event felt like a family and we were filled with joy and satisfaction. We were able to concentrate fully on the attendees and their needs, even before the event.

The turning point

As life started to pick up speed, I found myself once again on the hamster wheel of event stress, wondering what on earth we were doing. Within six months, we were burnt out. If things were difficult before the pandemic, working conditions within events had become much worse. It was time for a change. atuvera was always different from other event agencies, yet I had felt that we needed to “fit in”. The biggest takeaway has been understanding that we were never an event agency. We have always been firmly focused on creativity and purpose, creating a sense of belonging and warmth through our work.

Working towards change

So began a new period of introspection and transition. There was this gnawing feeling that things needed to be done differently. A quiet voice that insisted that we could no longer be a part of the problem, it was time to be a part of the solution. The status quo is no longer viable.

We can ignore our conscience but we can no longer ignore the consequences. It violates our very being and our planet. We have all been asleep. We have forgotten about belonging and connection, community and working together. And most importantly, we have forgotten and forsaken our beautiful planet that we call home. We have completely accepted the myth that we are the centre of everything.

The present

Transformation demands courage. We need to unlearn the false stories that we have been forced to ingest. Stories that lead to empty lives, devoid of meaning. It is time to change the way we approach life, shaking off these old stories and creating new models. We have been taught to strip away the simple things, the joy. The magic of life has been dimmed and all meaning eliminated. We need to dive deep down into our beliefs as a society to create the systemic change that is so urgently needed.

Once you have woken up, you can’t go back to sleep. Taking back time for ourselves is an act of rebellion. Staking claim to our worth. Deciding how we spend our time and energy. Because a different way of living is possible. atuvera is reborn, specialising in experiential unlearning. This is us refusing to take part in the old and toxic narratives, that are void of meaning.

A natureful rebellion for a better planet

We cultivate impact and change in people’s lives to achieve positive action for the planet and for humans. We specialise in collaborative experience strategy, focusing on the emotions of participants and their needs. We aim to raise awareness and foster belonging through experiential unlearning workshops and activities in nature. We believe a bold and different way of doing things is possible and absolutely necessary.

The future

Meaningful change demands courage

We believe that events and experiences can be transformative. By slowing down, we all achieve more clarity and can face our lives and challenges with intention. Through meaningful business practises and a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves, we aim to build bridges of trust and open up space to care for our planet and to care for each other.

About Vera

Growing up in Canada, nature has been a steady companion in my life. The wildness and freedom of the great outdoors tugs at every cell of my being. There is a certain rebelliousness in nature, which has been another crucial ingredient in my life. A refusal to accept the status quo.

I believe that nature holds the answer to our questions and our problems. I believe that intention and purpose and introspection lead to great understanding of ourselves and our planet. I believe we need to experience the full granularity of our emotions and work together for a better future.

About Inés

I grew up near the sea, with the smell of salt and clear skies. From the sea I learnt the power of change; from the night sky the pleasure of dreaming and imagining. In the world of theatre and culture I continued dreaming and creating stories. With workshops and people, I have seen the impact of transformation.

I believe in a conscious world in which we belong as part of a greater ecosystem. Where people, with their stories and dreams, find their place. Where dialogue with the environment happens on a daily basis.

About Dave

I grew up playing in the English countryside and was rarely indoors. What I once took for granted, I now truly appreciate as an essential part of our wellbeing and something that holds the key to deeper understanding.

In a recent conservation project I learned that the abundance of varied species of butterflies is a marker of healthy biodiversity. The more untouched the surroundings, the more we see them flourish. The more time we spend in nature, the more we flourish too. It is our place to be and together with all living beings, we can become the guardians that we long to be.

About Javier

I try to observe the world with new perspective, broadening my gaze to understand the complexity that surrounds us. I enjoy creating and facilitating processes and concepts in creative and profound ways.

I like to accompany changes in perspective using tools that allow us to promote collaborative learning.

Our biophilia manifest:

A passionate love of life
and all that is alive.
A commitment to
nourishing kindness
and caring towards
plants and animals,
people and ideas.